Welding Services

Hi there and welcome to my welding services page. If you’re looking for a welding project that requires professional welding service, then you’re in the right place!

Here you will be able to find all of the welding services that I’m able to provide. From a Tig welding to Mig welding service, plus if there’s something you can’t find please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tig Welding Service

Tig Welding service
Tig Welding

Currently one the welding services I’m able offer is a Tig welding service, which can be carried out within the workshop only. Tig welding is a more comprehensive welding service, which involves the use of a Tig torch and the combination of applying welding rods. I’m also able to apply this welding service with materials such as…

  • Aluminium from a thickness of 1.2mm and higher.
  • Stainless steel from a 0.9mm and higher thickness.
  • Mild steel also from a 0.9mm and higher thickness.

All Tig welding services that are carried out, will be performed to the highest standard, and to customer satisfaction.

Mig Welding Service

Mig Welding service
Mig Welding

I’m also able to carry out a Mig welding service within the workshop. Unlike Tig welding, a Mig welding service is provided using a Mig welding triggered torch. The whole process is a much faster welding service and used for larger construction pieces.

Mig welding service is currently offered on mild steel and stainless steel parts. Unfortunately at this time I’m unable to offer aluminium Mig welding, perhaps may be something I can offer in the near future.

Once again all Mig welding services I carry out would be performed at the highest standard and customer satisfaction.

Looking for some fabrication services?

Perhaps you need more than just welding services, if you’re looking for a more complete package with including fabrication of works carried out with welding services. Then this is also another service I am able to offer, with my complete Fabrication services which you can find more on clicking here.

Other Services

I’m able to Offer many services from welding, metal fabrication, metal polishing and laser cutting profiles. To find out more on the complete package of services I offer just click here to go to my services page.


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